Kirk "Sticky Fingaz" Jones

Like many hip hop artists before him, Sticky Fingaz, aka Kirk Jones (front man for the group Onyx), has not wanted to be limited to just one creative medium. Movies and television have offered him a whole new territory to work in, mainly in the crime and horror genres, with an appearance in a comedy every now and then as well. His first roles were minor but in noticeable projects--Spike Lee's crime drama "Clockers" and the Hughes Brothers' ambitious "Dead Presidents," both from 1995. Although he is arguably more known for his musical recording work, he has racked up an impressive movie and television resume over years, with an increasing number of lead roles. Cult movie fans will probably know him best for the 2003 horror comedy "Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood" and for "House of the Dead 2." But some consider his best work to have been in gritty small screen programs such as "The Shield," as a former drug dealer who helps out the cops, and in his role on Steven Bochco's controversial Iraq war drama, "Over There." In 2006, he got the chance to realize a dream playing vampire slayer Blade in "Blade: The Series," the short-lived television version of the movie and comic book franchise.