Liam Gallagher

One of the most popular and polarizing figures of the British music scene of the 1990s, Liam Gallagher co-founded the alternative rock band Oasis with his brother, Noel, and served as its lead singer for its decade-long run at the top of the English music charts. During this period, the band attracted as much attention for songs like "Live Forever," "Wonderwall" and "Don't Look Back in Anger," which espoused national pride and Beatles-esque unity, as for the intensely combative relationship between the Gallaghers, which was highlighted by countless physical and verbal fights before Noel left the group in 2009. Gallagher also maintained an antagonistic stance towards photographers, fans and critics during Oasis' heyday, as well as a strong taste for alcohol, drugs and the belligerent behavior they incurred. Noel's departure from Oasis robbed the band of its key songwriter and for many, its most talented member, which resulted in their demise in 2009. Gallagher immediately launched a new band, Beady Eye, that same year, while attempting to mend fences with his brother. However, no amount of thuggish attitude could erase the fact that Gallagher had been the voice and face of one of the biggest acts of the alternative rock scene.