Lucas Foster

Another graduate of the real-world film school that came from working with legendary low-budget producer Roger Corman, Lucas Foster eventually became a producer himself, working on much higher-ticket movies. On the way, he worked in assistant positions for such high-level executives as Frank Yablans, Scott Rudin, and Jerry Bruckheimer. This provided the experience and connections he'd need when he started getting on the credit crawls of studio films. The first significant title that bears his name (as executive producer) is the hit 1995 buddy cop feature "Bad Boys," starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. Also that year, Foster took another executive producer credit, this time on the Tony Scott-directed submarine thriller "Crimson Tide." These movies were successful, so it wasn't long before Foster stepped up to the rank of producer. In this capacity, he helped make movies such as the 2002 dystopian science fiction thriller "Equilibrium" and a remake of the low-budget revenge drama "Walking Tall" (2004), starring ex-pro wrestler Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Later that decade, the producer developed a seemingly good working relationship with top-shelf director Doug Liman. The two men collaborated on the hit-man shoot-'em-up romance "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" (2005) and the science fiction thriller "Jumper" (2008).