Luis Guzmán

Having appeared in numerous high profile features and television shows, actor Luis Guzman developed into a prominent character actor equally adept at performing in comedies and dramas. Guzman began his career in often nameless roles, playing assorted thugs and cops in films like "Crocodile Dundee II" (1988) and "The Hard Way" (1991). But his fortunes changed once he began working with the likes of directors Paul Thomas Anderson and Steven Soderbergh, both of whom used him to great effect in "Boogie Nights" (1997), "Out of Sight" (1998) and "Traffic" (2000). He had greater difficulty on the small screen, however, having a brief stint as the star of his own sitcom, "Luis" (Fox, 2003), while appearing in the confusing David Milch drama "John From Cincinnati" (HBO, 2007), both of which failed to survive their first seasons. Nonetheless, Guzman remained a favorite of many directors, who admired his strong work ethic and dedication to his craft.