Marcel Sabourin

Marcel Sabourin was an actor who had a successful Hollywood career. Sabourin's earliest roles were in film, including "No Good To Die For That" (1967), "Deux Femmes en Or" (1971) with Louise Turcot and "Les Maudits Sauvages" (1971) with Pierre Dufresne. He also appeared in "The D*mned Loot" (1971), the drama "La Mort d'un Bucheron" (1972) with Carole Laure and the Daniel Pilon action picture "Les Smattes" (1972). In the eighties, Sabourin devoted his time to various credits, such as "Mario" (1984) starring Xavier Norman Petermann, "Bach and Broccoli" (1986) starring Mahee Paiement and "Equinoxe" with Jacques Godin (1986). He also worked on "Les Limites du Ciel" (1986). Recently, he tackled roles in the dramedy "Wind From Wyoming" (1994) with François Cluzet, "L' Oreille d'un sourd" (1996) and "The Old Man Who Wanted to Climb to Heaven" (1997). He also appeared in "Lilies" (1997) and the Dominique Leduc drama "Revoir Julie" (1998). Most recently, Sabourin acted in the comedy "Henri Henri" (2014) with Victor Andres Trelles Turgeon.