Mare Winningham

A multi-talented performer who excelled in numerous critically-acclaimed roles, actress Mare Winningham actually had her breakthrough as a would-be member of the famed Brat Pack in the coming-of-age teen drama, "St. Elmo's Fire" (1985). After gaining a following while performing onstage in high school, Winningham transitioned to the small screen for several memorable performances, including the epic miniseries, "The Thorn Birds" (ABC, 1983). But following her breakout with "St. Elmo's Fire," the actress was unable to capitalize on that movie's popularity, instead choosing to take offbeat roles that turned out to be a mixed bag of success and quality. She delivered a hailed performance in the nuclear apocalypse drama, "Miracle Mile" (1988), only to see that film relegated to cult status following box office failure. After a wasted effort in "Turner & Hooch" (1989), Winningham had a higher profile turn in Kevin Costner's version of "Wyatt Earp" (1994). The following year, however, she delivered one of her most praised performances in the bleak addiction drama, "Georgia" (1995), before winning an Emmy for the supporting role as the cancer-ridden wife of Alabama governor "George Wallace" (TNT, 1997). Her award-winning success with that film opened the doors to a host of attention-grabbing guest spots and feature roles that were finally deserving of Winningham's immense talents.