Marley Shelton

Marley Shelton became a teen movie regular with roles in "Never Been Kissed" (1999), "Sugar and Spice" (2001) and "Valentine" (2001) before landing recurring parts in "Eleventh Hour" (CBS, 2008-09), "The Lottery" (Lifetime, 2014) and "Rise" (NBC, 2018-). Born in Los Angeles, CA in 1974, Shelton first appeared on the small screen in an episode of sitcom "The Family Man" and big screen in ensemble drama "Grand Canyon" (1991). While studying Film and Theatre at the University of California, she played a lifeguard in "The Sandlot" (1993), Branch Davidian in "Ambush in Waco" (1993) and Neurian maiden in "Hercules of the Underworld" (1994). She also appeared as a high school student and bulimia sufferer in TV movies "Death of a Cheerleader" (1994) and "When Friendship Kills" (1996) respectively, portrayed First Daughter Tricia in "Nixon" (1995) and guested on numerous TV shows including "Cybill" (CBS, 1995-98), "Family Matters" (ABC, 1989-1998) and "McKenna" (ABC, 1994-95). Following supporting roles in martial arts fantasy "Warriors of Virtue" (1997) and rom-com "Trojan War" (1997), Shelton played Tobey Maguire's love interest Margaret in "Pleasantville" (1998), mean girl Kristin in "Never Been Kissed" (1999) and Renee Zellweger's sister Natalie in "The Bachelor" (1999). After starring opposite Dennis Hopper in murder-mystery "Lured Innocence" (2000), Shelton landed major roles in three consecutive teen movies, high school cheerleader Diane in "Sugar and Spice" (2001), serial killer target Kate in "Valentine" (2001) and Jake Gyllenhaal's girlfriend Chloe in "Bubble Boy" (2001). Shelton then appeared in cross-country drama "On the Borderline" (2001) and dark comedy "Just a Kiss" (2002) before co-starring with her sister Samantha in their director father Christopher's "Moving Alan" (2003). She continued to flit between the indie world and Hollywood, appearing in Scott Caan's directorial debut "Dallas 362" (2003), Christian drama "Jesus, Mary and Joey" (2005) and road movie "Don't Come Knocking" (2005), while also showing up as Brittany Murphy's BFF in rom-com "Uptown Girls" (2003), Phil Kaufman's girlfriend in biopic "Grand Theft Parsons" (2003) and The Customer in neo-noir "Sin City" (2005). After appearing in talent show satire "American Dreamz" (2006) and Zach Braff's "The Last Kiss" (2006), Shelton worked with Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez on their grindhouse homages, playing Dr. Dakota Block in both "Death Proof" (2007) and "Planet Terror" (2007). She then portrayed George W. Bush's ex-girlfriend in "W." (2008), starred as gallery owner Madeleine in "(Untitled)" (2009) and played flight attendant Cora in "Women in Trouble" (2009) and its sequel "Elektra Luxx" (2010). Shelton bagged her first recurring role, FBI Special Agent Rachel Young, in sci-fi "Eleventh Hour" (CBS, 2008-09), and following parts in "A Perfect Getaway" (2009), "Scream 4" (2011) and "Decoding Annie Parker" (2013), landed her second, Dr. Alison Lennon, in dystopian drama "The Lottery" (Lifetime, 2014). Shelton then appeared in mystery thriller "Solace" (2015) and spiritual romance "Heaven Sent" (2016) before showing up as an astronaut in monster movie "Rampage" (2018). That same year she was cast as Josh Radnor's piano teacher wife Gail in musical drama "Rise" (NBC, 2018-).