Marsai Martin

Born in 2004 in the Dallas suburb of Plano, Marsai Martin quickly established herself as a performer in her own home. Her search for the spotlight was encouraged by her parents, who took her to local auditions and found the young girl an agent. Her first national exposure was in the "Voice of the People" ad campaign for The Choice Hotel. In 2013, Martin moved to Los Angeles where she was exposed to the rigors of pilot casting. The young Martin was able to find almost immediate success. Martin's first appearance in a TV series was as a series regular on "Black-ish" (ABC, 2014-). Created by veteran writer Kenya Barris, the show is a sort of mirror of his own life and the differences he noticed between his youth in racially divided Compton to raising his family in an environment where attitudes towards race are changing. Martin played Diane, not quite the youngest child in the Johnson Family, since she was born one minute before her twin brother Jack. The series was received positively and it was renewed for a second season.