Matt Smith

Known to science-fiction fans as the Eleventh Doctor, English actor Matt Smith is closely associated with his lead role on the perpetually rejuvenated fan-favorite series "Doctor Who" (BBC, 2005- ). Originally set on becoming a professional football (soccer) player, the oddly good-looking Brit eventually gravitated toward stage acting, appearing in various plays before kicking off his television career in 2006. A regular part on the BBC political drama "Party Animals" (2007) showed Smith's potential as a compelling screen performer, and it wasn't long before he was shortlisted as the next Doctor Who, with his selection announced in 2009. Starting in 2010, Smith played the Time Lord for an acclaimed run, with only occasional performances outside of the series. In 2013 Smith opted to turn the eccentric Doctor over to another actor, clearly eager to try out other projects that could showcase his slightly offbeat charm.