Mimi Lieber

Mimi Lieber was a big screen film actress known for powerful performances. Early on, Lieber mostly landed roles in various films, including the comedy adaptation "Grease" (1978) with John Travolta, "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" (1978) and the comedy "Night Shift" (1982) with Henry Winkler. She also appeared in the David Keith thriller "White of the Eye" (1988) and "Ghost in the Machine" (1993) with Karen Allen. She also appeared in the TV movie "L.A. Takedown" (NBC, 1988-89). She continued to work steadily in film throughout the nineties, appearing in "Wilder Napalm" (1993) with Arliss Howard and "Corrina, Corrina" (1994). She also worked in television around this time, including a part on "The X-Files" (Fox, 1993-2002). In her more recent career, she continued to act in "Things about my Folks" (2005) with Mackenzie Connolly, the Zoe Lister-Jones drama "Arranged" (2007) and the Paul Giamatti dramedy "Cold Souls" (2009). Lieber's distinctive voice can be heard on the dramatic adaptation "Everybody's Fine" (2009) with Robert De Niro. Most recently, Lieber worked on the Robert Pattinson romance "Remember Me" (2010). Lieber's husband was Daniel Sullivan.