Nico Santos

Nico Santos was born in the Philippines and grew up between Portland, OR, and Southern California. Santos' earliest forays into show business were as a standup comedian; he began performing in San Francisco, CA, and gained notability throughout the country. Santos brought his comedic sensibilities to the screen via a brief uncredited writing gig on Joan Rivers' series "Fashion Police" (E! 2002-), and performed for the first time on television in the special "Pride Comedy Jam" (Showtime 2011). From there on, Santos landed a recurring position as part of Chelsea Handler's Round Table on "Chelsea Lately" (E! 2007-2014), as well as a number of acting jobs. He costarred on the web series "Go-Go Boys Interrupted" (2014-), and nabbed one-off roles on sitcoms including "Ground Floor" (TBS 2013-15), "Mulaney" (Fox 2014-15), and "2 Broke Girls" (CBS 2011-). Santos hit the big screen for the first time with the comedy films "Nobody Walks in L.A." (2015) and "Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2" (2015) before earning his first regular position on a television series: Santos costarred on "Superstore" (NBC 2015-), playing Mateo, an eager newcomer to the titular workplace.