Oscar Nunez

Having toiled away in several thankless bit parts on television and in film, comedic actor Oscar Nunez landed his big break as the put-upon, but always dignified gay accountant on the hit television comedy, "The Office" (NBC, 2005-13). Prior to his breakout success, Nunez was a member of comedy troupes both in New York and Los Angeles, before appearing on screen in episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm," (HBO, 2000- ) and "Still Standing," (CBS, 2002-06). Though he made appearances in big films like "The Italian Job" (2003) and "Glory Road" (2006), he often came and went on screen without audiences noticing. But everything changed when he joined the cast of "The Office," which helped raise his profile considerably, leading to larger supporting roles. He also gained considerable notice playing a variety of characters on the cult hit show "Reno 911" (Comedy Central, 2003-09), which later led to an appearance in the film version "Reno 911: Miami" (2007). Though he left "The Office" for a spell to star in the short-lived comedy "Halfway Home," (Comedy Central, 2007), Nunez returned to the show while continuing to build off its success.