Paul Borghese

Throughout his entertainment career as an accomplished actor, Paul Borghese graced the silver screen many times. He also appeared in the TV movie "61*" (HBO, 2000-01). He also acted in various movies at the time, including the Marilyn Chambers comedy "Bikini Bistro" (1995) and the Greg Walloch comedy adaptation "Keeping it Real: The Adventures of Greg Walloch" (2001). He kept working in film throughout the early 2000s, starring in the romantic comedy "Little Manhattan" (2005) with Josh Hutcherson and the comedic drama "Transamerica" (2005) with Felicity Huffman. In his more recent career, he continued to act in "The Big Shot-Caller" (2009) with David Rhein, the Meryl Streep romantic comedy "Julie & Julia" (2009) and "Vito Bonafacci" (2011). He also appeared in the action picture "The Family" (2013) with Robert De Niro. Most recently, Borghese worked on "Death of a Tree" (2015) with Ronnie Marmo.