Paul Rodriguez

One of the most popular and respected Latino comics in America, Paul Rodriguez was also an actor and producer who shared the humor and humanity of his upbringing with audiences of all backgrounds. The son of immigrants, he found his calling in comedy, and honed a stand-up act in Los Angeles that brought him to the attention of legendary television producer Norman Lear. That led to the sitcom "a.k.a. Pablo" (ABC, 1984), the first ever devoted to a Mexican-American family, and though the show was short-lived, it established Rodriguez as a quick-witted and compassionate comic. He soon parlayed his talents into a wide variety of venues - from HBO specials and TV guest spots to impressive character turns in dramas like "Ali" (2001) and "Blood Work" (2002). An in-demand performer after decades in the hard-knock business of comedy, Rodriguez remained a role model for up-and-coming Latino talent, and an enduring presence in nearly every form of media he attempted.