Paula Marshall

A brunette beauty with a compelling screen presence and well-timed deadpan comic delivery, Paula Marshall has appeared in a handful of films, but remains best known to TV viewers for her work on such ABC series as "Spin City," "Cupid" and "Snoops." She broke through in a guest starring role on an especially memorable episode of NBC's "Seinfeld," playing a relentless NYU student reporter who overhears Jerry and George in a conversation and misinterprets that they are a gay couple. Her resulting story "outing" them eventually becomes national news despite their protests. The episode was undoubtedly best known for the catchphrase "not that there's anything wrong with that," with which Jerry and George punctuated each denial, but Marshall proved her comedic talents and landed a series developmental commitment from NBC and several subsequent roles on the big and small screens. The Maryland native began her television career with guest shots on the series "True Blue" and "Mancuso FBI" (both NBC) and "The Flash" (CBS) in 1990 and "Dinosaurs" (ABC) and "Grapevine" (CBS) the following year. In 1992, she scored recurring roles in two ABC series "The Wonder Years" and "Life Goes On," playing a young divorcee in the former and an art gallery owner with an eye for HIV-positive painter Jesse in the latter. She followed her "Seinfeld" success with parts in TV-movies like "Nurses on the Line: The Crash of Flight 7" (CBS, 1993) and the thriller "Full Eclipse" (HBO, 1993). In 1994, Marshall starred on the short-lived Fox series "Wild Oats," a comedy following a group of twentysomethings and their romantic quests in Chicago.