Philippe Carcassonne

French film producer Philippe Carcassonne specializes in prestige films, some of which have reached an international audience. His first film as producer was the comedy "Tandem" in 1987, directed by Patrice Leconte, whom he would collaborate with again in the 1990s on the historical romance "Ridicule" and the 2002 thriller "Man on the Train." He worked with Benoît Jacquot on the mystery "Seventh Heaven," which earned lead actress Sandrine Kiberlain a César nomination. Other notable '90s productions include the 1992 drama "Un Coeur en Hiver" and the Peter Greenaway fantasy "Prospero's Books." The 2001 thriller "How I Killed My Father" was one of several collaborations with filmmaker Anne Fontaine and earned male lead Michel Bouquet a César. Carcassonne had worked with Fontaine on the 1997 dramatic comedy "Dry Cleaning," and they reunited in 2009 for the international success "Coco Before Chanel" starring Audrey Tautou, a biographical film that won a BAFTA nomination. He reached a new milestone when his 2010 animated feature, "The Illusionist," directed by Sylvain Chomet, earned an Oscar nomination.