Quentin Dupieux

Filmmaker and musician Quentin Dupieux got his hands on his first camera at age 12 and knew that his life was destined to revolve around creative pursuits. He told his father that he wanted to quit school to become a full time artist, and in time, that's exactly what he did. By 1991, the Paris-born 17 year-old bought his first synthesizer, and began creating his own visionary electronic music. In 1997, Dupieux caught the ear of DJ Laurent Garnier, who heard his music while buying a car from Dupieux's father. Soon, Dupieux was signed to the label FCom, and directed the music video for Garnier's "Crispy Bacon." In 1999, Dupieux released the electronic single "Flat Beat" under the stage name Mr. Oizo. The song became a massive worldwide hit, and Dupieux began releasing albums. Simultaneously, Dupieux nurtured his career as a director, helming music videos and commercials. In 2007, he made the leap to feature films with "Steak" (2007), a surreal mix of comedy, drama, and science fiction. He followed this with the tonally similar "Rubber" (2010), "Wrong" (2012), "Wrong Cops" (2013), and "Reality" (2014). Dupieux's films were acclaimed by critics, who praised his nonlinear style and dreamlike approach to storytelling.