Rachel Shelley

Born in Swindon and raised in London, British actress Rachel Shelley is best known for her role on the Showtime drama "The L Word." Shelley studied theater while attending Sheffield University, and began winning screen roles during the mid-1990s. Appearing on episodes of the TV series "The New Adventures of Robin Hood," Shelley went on to a supporting part in the '97 English feature drama "Photographing Fairies" and was featured in a starring role in the well-received 2001 period film "Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India." In '05, she joined the cast of the lesbian TV drama "The L Word" as socialite Helena Peabody, and remained on the lauded American series as a regular until its conclusion four years later. Shifting between TV and film productions, Shelley also appeared on a few episodes of the supernatural show "Ghost Whisperer" and played a major character in the chilling British horror movie "The Children."