Rick Bieber

Began career as an attorney with Columbia Pictures in the late 1970s before joining NBC and later HBO as an executive specializing in business affairs and programming operations. At HBO Pictures Bieber supervised production of more than 20 films in the mid-80s including Roger Spottiswoode's "The Last Innocent Man," Martin Davidson's "Long Gone," the well-received "Mandela" and "Baja Oklahoma." In 1988, with actor/producer Michael Douglas, he formed the independent production company Stonebridge Entertainment, where as president he produced "Flatliners" (1990) and executive produced "Radio Flyer" and "Hard Promises" (1992). Bieber also formed Third Stone Music with Michael Douglas and partner Dick Rudolph. Upon the dissolution of Stonebridge, he was named president of FNM Films, where his mandate is to jump-start the Fox Broadcasting Company's movie department, overseeing all Fox in-house longform projects and supplying Fox planned movie night with product.