Robert LaSardo

Robert LaSardo doesn't look like a typical Hollywood actor; with his neck, arms, and hands covered in vibrant tattoos, he's made good use of his imposing demeanor by playing thugs, criminals, and tough guys in everything from the Vietnam War TV drama "China Beach" to the long-running soap opera "General Hospital." After serving several years in the United States Navy, LaSardo returned to the United States and decided to pursue his lifelong passion for acting. He spent the latter half of the '80s in minor roles in films like the robotic action drama "Short Circuit 2" and the undercover police drama "Renegades," also landing a recurring role as a war-ravaged soldier in the critically-acclaimed but low-rated "China Beach." His extensive tattoos made him a natural choice for a small role in the horror film "Strangeland," written by former "Twisted Sister" singer Dee Snider, about a sadist who tortures his victims through the use of extreme body modification rituals. After returning to the controversial police series "NYPD Blue," LaSardo joined the cast of "Nip/Tuck" as Escobar Gallardo, a ruthless drug dealer who undergoes multiple reconstructive plastic surgeries. LaSardo has since portrayed a dual role as an evil twin and his priestly brother on the daytime serial "General Hospital," and he has also lent his voice to several video games.