Robert Schwentke

Director Robert Schwentke honed his craft in German cinema before making the move to Hollywood where he found success adapting various best-selling novels, comic books and young adult stories for the big screen. A graduate of the American Film Institute, Schwentke first attracted attention with the German-language thriller "Tattoo" (2002), and after following it up with the autobiographical "The Family Jewels" (2003), made his first foray into the English-language market with the Jodie Foster-starring mystery "Flightplan" (2005). Schwentke continued to establish a reputation as one of Europe's most talented young auteurs with films based on Audrey Niffenegger's romantic best-seller The Time Traveler's Wife and Warren Ellis & Cully Hamner's graphic novel, RED. And although a misfiring adaptation of Dark Horse comic R.I.P.D. received a scathing critical response, Schwentke quickly got his career back on track when he was hired to helm two installments of the "Divergent" franchise.