Sam Huntington

With an impressive volume of work already behind him by his early twenties, actor Sam Huntington was catapulted to celebrity status when he won the role of Daily Planet photographer Jimmy Olsen in Bryan Singer's blockbuster reboot "Superman Returns" (2006). Cast alongside virtual unknown Brandon Routh, who played the Man of Steel, Huntington went from indie performer to a known commodity across the globe practically overnight. Prior to "Superman Returns," he made his film debut in "Jungle 2 Jungle" (1997) and was one of four teenagers trekking across country to see their favorite band in the cult hit "Detroit Rock City" (1999). After appearances in a string of little-seen independents like "Freshman Orientation" (2004) and "River's End" (2005), Huntington finally achieved stardom with "Superman," only to stumble with a regular role on "Cavemen" (ABC, 2007), derided by critics as one of the worst sitcoms ever made. Following a turn in another teen road movie "Fanboys" (2009), he starred with Routh in the flop horror comedy "Dylan Dog: Dead of Night" (2011). But as he returned to television as a socially awkward werewolf in "Being Human" (Syfy, 2011- ), Huntington remained poised for another blockbuster breakout.