Sara Driver

An independent filmmaker long associated (onscreen and off) with director Jim Jarmusch, Driver began her career as production manager and assistant director on Jarmusch's debut film "Permanent Vacation" (1980). She directed the short "You Are Not I" (1982) and produced Jarmusch's short "Stranger in Paradise Part One: The New World" (1982), serving the same function on the feature version "Stranger Than Paradise" (1984). Driver made her directorial and screenwriting debut with the fantasy thriller, "Sleepwalk/Year of the Dog" (1986). She has frequently made cameo appearances in Jarmusch's films (e.g., "Mystery Train") and has continued to assist the director in technical capacities. Driver helmed her second feature, "When Pigs Fly" (1993; released in the USA in 1996), a comedy-drama with supernatural overtones.