Sasha Roiz

Sasha Roiz was an Israeli-Canadian actor best known for his appearances in many sci-fi shows and movies, most notably starring in "Caprica" (Syfy 2010) and "Grimm" (NBC 2011-17). Roiz was born in Tel Aviv, Israel on October 21, 1973, though he grew up in Canada. As a young person, he took theater classes in Montreal, and he went on to study at the Guildford School of Acting in England. He later returned to Montreal to perform in a variety of regional theater roles before pursuing a Hollywood career. His appeared in minor roles on television before landing a role on the star-studded sci-fi trek "The Day After Tomorrow" (2004), appearing alongside Dennis Quaid and Jake Gyllenhaal. He starred in a couple of series that only ran for a season, including in the Canadian series "Across the River to Motor City" (City 2007) and "Show Me Yours" (Showcase 2004-05). In 2009, he landed a role that stuck: as the violent but loyal Samuel Adama in the "Battlestar Galactica" (SciFi 2004-2009) spinoff "Caprica." He next became a series regular on the supernatural show "Grimm" as the intimidating captain with a mysterious magical past, Sean Renard. He continued to appear in high-profile films, including in the sword and sandals drama "Pompeii" (2013), alongside Kit Harington and Kiefer Sutherland.