Sean Giambrone

Sean Giambrone's acting and comic talents helped to land the young Midwestern actor his starmaking turn as an excitable Pennsylvania teen growing up in the 1980s in on the popular sitcom "The Goldbergs" (ABC 2013- ).Born May 30, 1999 in Michigan, Giambrone was raised in Park Ridge, Illinois, where he got his first taste of performing in elementary school. He continued to cultivate that interest by appearing in and producing short films with his brother, which allowed him to explore a variety of characters. Giambrone's mother soon took him to a talent agent in Chicago, which booked him in several high-profile television commercials. One of these, a spot for Sea World, achieved such a degree of national recognition that it was the focus of a parody segment on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" (NBC, 1992-2009). In 2012, Giambrone made his feature film debut in "I Heart Shakey," an independent 3D comedy filmed in Chicago, which was soon followed by a supporting vocal performance in the offbeat, Creative Arts Emmy-nominated animated series "Clarence" (Cartoon Network), which did not begin airing until 2014. While working on the program, Giambrone was one of the last actors to audition for the lead role on a new ABC sitcom about a family living in Chicago in the 1980s. Series creator Adam F. Goldberg, who created "The Goldbergs" from experiences taken from his own life, had struggled to find a young actor who lacked the polish that many Los Angeles-based juvenile players possessed; after seeing Giambrone's audition, Goldberg cast him as his screen alter ego, the sweet-natured, camcorder-loving pre-teen Adam Goldberg, just days before production was slated to commence. Giambrone's ability to play both broad comedy and quieter, more emotional scenes drew critical acclaim and helped to make "The Goldbergs" a popular addition to the network's midweek primetime lineup. In 2015, Giambrone provided the voice of a terrier with a knack for professional wrestling in the children's comedy film "Russell Madness."