Simon Quarterman

Dashing young British actor Simon Quarterman is recognized overseas for his numerous roles on television, but American audiences most likely associate him with his roles as Father Ben Rawlings in the 2012 found-footage exorcism flick "The Devil Inside" and Ari the Greek in the 2008 direct-to-video sequel "The Scorpion King 2: Rise of a Warrior." Quarterman debuted on the small screen as Duncan in the 2000 dramedy series "Down to Earth," about a middle-aged couple and their day-to-day struggles after moving onto a farm. In 2001, he played a supporting character on a fourth-season episode of the long-running crime drama "Midsomer Murders" entitled "The Electric Vendetta," which features the two detectives investigating a death allegedly caused by extraterrestrials. Quarterman didn't return to television until 2006, when he appeared in two episodes of the medical drama "Holby City" as a man grieving over the loss of his father to HIV. He continued portraying one-and-done characters in 2007, landing roles in the soap opera "EastEnders" and the short-lived drama "The Whistleblowers." But his big break came in "Rise of a Warrior," a sequel to the 2002 sword-fest "The Scorpion King" starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. While the film didn't exactly win over critics, it introduced Quarterman to audiences worldwide, opening the door to his next project, "The Devil Inside." Yet another take on the tired exorcism genre, the horror movie was universally panned by critics and moviegoers alike, but its relentless promotional campaign helped Quarterman reach his largest audience to date.