Stephen Chbosky

The author of The Perks of Being a Wallflower, (1999), one of the most popular and successful young adult novel of the 21st century, writer Stephen Chbosky also enjoyed a second career as a director and producer for television on the cult series "Jericho" (CBS, 2006-08) and a 2012 film version of his acclaimed novel. Chbosky's first effort was the independent drama "The Four Corners of Nowhere" (1995), which led to interest from the film industry but no produced screenplays. He turned to novel writing, which resulted in Wallflower, a smartly written novel about high school students that drew on his own experiences growing up in Pittsburgh that became a sensation in the published world. Chbosky returned to screen work in 2005, penning the script for "Rent" and co-creating "Jericho" before assuming the director's chair on the "Wallflower" feature. Critical and audience response was positive for the drama, which underscored Chbosky's growing status as a leading voice for young people in two distinct mediums.