Stuart Levy

Stuart J. Levy is surely the envy of a lot of manga-loving American geek boys. He is the CEO of popular United States-based manga publisher Tokyopop, which has helped spread the word about this imaginative, fascinating, and sometimes disturbing Japanese art form to the shores of America. The company, started in the late 1990s, revolutionized the availability of manga in the United States, giving wide exposure to titles like "Sailor Moon." Acquiring anime for American distribution followed. Levy has been an executive producer or chief producer of a number of anime programs, including high school anime "G.T.O.: Great Teacher Onizuka," the racing anime"Initial D," and the popular action anime "Reign: The Conqueror." His first major live-action feature film, for which he served as executive producer, was the post-apocalyptic "Priest," starring Paul Bettany, Karl Urban, and Christopher Plummer. Levy, under the moniker of D.J. Milky, has also written a number of graphic novels, children's books, and a novelization. He has composed music for some of his productions as well.