Theo Alexander

Actor Theo Alexander had a natural affinity for comedy; yet it was his role as an acerbic royal consort on a vampire saga that propelled him into stardom. The Greek actor was a relative newcomer in Hollywood when he landed a coveted part as Talbot, consort to the Vampire King of Mississippi, on HBO's award-winning and provocative series "True Blood" (2008-14). Joining the cast during the third season, Alexander uttered some of the show's funniest one-liners and exhibited the most un-vampire-like qualities, such as a love for cooking and an attachment to antique tapestries. But in spite of his character's amusing persona, Alexander also appeared in many sexually charged scenes that tested his versatility as an actor. Because of the recognition he received from "True Blood," Alexander was able to play even more riveting roles that helped him boost his fledgling career.