Toby Huss

Character actor and comedian Toby Huss first gained widespread notice for his eerily transcendent portrayals of a Sinatra-type crooner showcased on MTV promo spots. Reedy, with expressive and elastic features not unlike a younger Frank Sinatra, the dark-haired performer has worked in film and television but has done his longest-running performances as a voice actor, playing Hank Hill's neighbor Kahn as well as his father Cotton on the Fox animated series "King of the Hill" (1997-2009). Huss had worked with "King of the Hill" creator Mike Judge previously on "Beavis and Butt-head" (1993-1997) where he voiced Todd, the obnoxious bullying hero of the titular lamebrains. A 1993-1995 stint on the quirky Nickelodeon series "The Adventures of Pete & Pete" cast him in the unlikely role of Artie, the Strongest Man in the World. Huss racked up additional TV credits with guest roles on NBC's "NewsRadio," a regular spot on the short-lived sitcom "The Army Show" (The WB, 1998) and a scene-stealing turn as a trainer for professional wrestlers in the more successful offering "Nikki" (The WB, 2000-02). On the big screen, Huss made his way with numerous character roles, often playing sleazy but strangely sympathetic characters with both skill and style. Early credits like 1989's little-seen "Zadar! Cow From Hell" and 1994's "Handgun" made way for memorable moments in higher-profile films like 1995's "The Basketball Diaries." As an injured hockey player in "Jerry Maguire" (1996), Huss had a small but pivotal role, and made the most of his brief spot. That same year he had character roles in the comedies "Down Periscope" and "Dear God." The actor revisited his Sinatra-inspired character in "Vegas Vacation" (1997), playing a fake ID salesman on the Vegas strip. He proved a more versatile player with a turn as a gay club owner in the feature remake of "The Mod Squad" (1999) and had a supporting role that contributed various characters to another remake, 2000's "Bedazzled."