Tone Bell

Comedian and actor Tone Bell first gained notice for his wisecracking role as court bailiff Tedward on the sitcom "Bad Judge" (NBC, 2014-15). Born in Decatur, Georgia in 1982, Bell attended Savannah University where he studied television and film, and even performed as the school's mascot, Savannah Tiger. After graduating, Bell proved to be adaptable and multi-talented, holding down a job as a first grade teacher before pivoting to work as a brand manager with Swivel Media. Eventually, Bell became involved in the stand-up comedy scene, steadily improving his act by working countless open mics. In 2012, his hard work paid off when he won the NBC Stand Up For Diversity Talent Search, the prize for which was a development deal. That same year found him making a two-episode guest appearance on the series "Single Ladies" (VH1, 2011- ), in addition to taking on the role of RJ on the sitcom "Whitney" (NBC, 2011-13). In 2014, Bell moved on to his role on "Bad Judge," in addition to hosting the hidden-camera prank show "Jerks with Cameras" (MTV, 2014-15). After making a guest appearance on "The Flash" (CW, 2014- ), Bell's next big break came in 2017 when he joined the cast of the Netflix series "Disjointed" (Netflix, 2017-).