Veronica Ferres

Veronica Ferres is one of the most famous actresses in Germany, consistently ranking among the country's most popular leading ladies. Along with her prolific film work, Ferres also starred in dozens of TV movies, winning most major German film and TV prizes and numerous international awards, including an Emmy for "The Manns" (2002). She began producing her own national and international films in 2012, furthering her recognition as one of the most influential women in German show biz. Veronica Ferres was born in Solingen, Germany, and studied German Literature, Psychology and Drama at University of Munich before taking up acting. After her first major film role in Edgar Reitz's "Leaving Home" (1988), she worked steadily in both television and film, garnering particular acclaim for her supporting role in the witty political and media satire "Schtonk!" based on the Hitler Diaries hoax of the early 1980s. Following her breakthrough as the title character in the witty comedy "The Super Wife" (1996), Ferres starred in other well-regarded films such as "Rossini" (1997), "Klimt" (2006), and the period drama "Saviors in the Night" (2009). While working steadily on the big screen, Ferres also maintained a strong presence on European television, including roles in "Destined to Witness" (2006), "The Woman from Checkpoint Charlie" (2007), "The Miracle of Berlin" (2008), the harrowing drama "Marco W. - 247 Days In Turkish Prison" (2010) and "She Deserved It" (2010). For these roles, she won awards such as the Adolf Grimme Prize, the German Television Prize, the Bavarian Television Prize, the Golden Camera Award and the Bambi Award. In order to develop her own passion projects, she founded her own production company, Construction Film GmbH, in 2012. Increasing her international profile, she appeared in the historical drama "The Devil's Violinist" (2013), starring David Garrett and Jared Harris. She also starred in "The Casanova Variations" (2014), which reunited her with her "Klimt" costar John Malkovich. More recently she starred "Intrigo: Death of an Author" (2020) and "Love, Weddings & Other Disasters" (2020).