Victor Rasuk

In some ways, Victor Rasuk's debut role in "Raising Victor Vargas" (2002) wasn't that much of a stretch. Both Victors grew up in the chaotic streets of the Lower East Side, came from outspoken families (Rasuk was Dominican), and shared a brash, go-for-broke attitude. But where Victor Vargas was forever a teenager stuck at home with his grandmother, Victor Rasuk grew up to become a talented actor. After making his debut in the short film "Five Feet High and Rising" (2000), which was later expanded into "Raising Victor Vargas," the fearless actor was cast as legendary pro skater Tony Alva in the biopic "Lords of Dogtown" (2005). Rasuk, a graduate of the High School of Performing Arts in NYC, showed his dramatic side in the Iraq War drama "Stop-Loss" (2008) and on NBC's "ER" (1994-2009). He landed a major role on HBO's 2010-11 series "How to Make It in America" as Cam, a suave street entrepreneur trying to hit it big, and portrayed one of Steve Jobs' early Apple employees in "Jobs" (2013). As restless as the city he called home, Victor Rasuk always had one eye towards the future.