Will Forte

Comedian Will Forte carved a successful Hollywood career out of playing characters that bordered on the absurd. The actor made his television debut as a cast member of the iconic late night variety show, "Saturday Night Live" (NBC, 1975- ) where he made viewers laugh week after week with spot-on celebrity impersonations and original, off-kilter characters. One of Forte's most memorable "SNL" roles was a hapless, mullet-sporting special ops agent named MacGruber. The sketches, which lampooned the hit action series "MacGyver" (ABC, 1985-1992), often found the bumbling title character locked in a control room while attempting to diffuse a ticking time bomb. In 2010, Forte delivered more laughs with a feature film version of "MacGruber," an explosive comedy that proved he was one of the most committed and funniest actors to come out of "SNL."