Zak Penn

Screenwriter, producer, actor, and director Zak Penn's first project was writing the story for the Arnold Schwarzenegger action adventure "Last Action Hero." Although the film earned Penn a Razzie Award nomination for worst screenplay, he has since participated in far more celebrated material. Penn has written for the films "PCU," which he also acted in, the Matthew Broderick adventure "Inspector Gadget," and the Owen Wilson action thriller "Behind Enemy Lines," as well as a number of Marvel superhero projects including "Fantastic Four," "X-Men: The Last Stand," and "The Incredible Hulk." Among Penn's other writing credits are the films "The Grand" and "Incident at Loch Ness," both of which he also directed and produced. "The Grand" is an improvisational comedy about characters involved in a poker tournament, and it stars Woody Harrelson, Werner Herzog, and Ray Romano. Penn had teamed up with legendary German director Herzog previously for "Incident at Loch Ness," which the two co-wrote, about the mythical Loch Ness Monster.