The Future of Moviegoing Presented at ShoWest

Analysis Reveals Vital Moviegoer Insight and Attributes

(Las Vegas, NV - March 17, 2006) – In a presentation at ShoWest, the largest annual convention for the motion picture industry, Nielsen Entertainment provided a preview of analysis focused on consumers driving changes in moviegoing consumption behavior and attitudes. The study is the first to utilize the Movie Advisory Board (MAB), a pioneering research service launched jointly by and Nielsen Entertainment earlier this year. With members of the Movie Advisory Board either engaging in eCommerce through the purchase of movie tickets online, or searching online for movie information, MAB was selected as the best tool for a study on change. Over 2600 members were queried on a number of subjects to produce the presentation to the ShoWest Marketing Summit attendees, disclosing critical information regarding moviegoer attendance, advertising and emerging distribution option available to the consumer.

Included in the preview:


  • A ranking of reasons as to why 28% of moviegoers report attending fewer movies over the past 12 months, including assessments of movie quality, ticket and concession prices, competing entertainment alternatives, and specific theater attributes
  • An analysis of sentiments toward in-theater advertising and the degree to which it drives decisions about particular theaters
  • An exploration of information tools used by consumers to make specific moviegoing decisions including traditional and nontraditional marketing tools
  • Analysis on different distribution platforms for movies and how consumers plan to use them in the future
  • Consumer opinions on a number of window scenarios


The full report, The Avid Moviegoer: An In-Depth Analysis of The Movie Industry's Best Customers and What They Really Want From The Movie Experience will be available for sale in April, 2006. In addition to the above, the report contains detail on different demographic and psychographic segments, as well as contrast between light, moderate, and heavy moviegoers. Additional information which includes relevant transaction data related to the report will also be available for sale. The report can be pre-ordered for a discounted price by calling 323-817-1958.

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