Movie Advisory Board Finds Overwhelming Commitment to in-theater Moviegoing for Pirates of the Caribbean

89% of Moviegoers Polled Would Have Still Paid to See Captain Jack on the Big Screen Even if Day and Date DVD Release was Available

(Hollywood, CA – Tuesday, July 18, 2006) - Having measured the desire of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest moviegoers to see the film in-theater, the Movie Advisory Board, a joint initiative between Nielsen Entertainment and, announced today the results of a survey of over 1700 moviegoers who had seen Pirates from its opening through last week. 89% of Pirates theatergoers stated they would have still seen the film in a movie theater, even if it was available on the day of its theatrical release, either for sale or rental.

The exact question posed to those who purchased a ticket and attended Pirates in a movie theatre was:

If the DVD of "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" were available for sale (for between $19.99 and $24.99) or rental (at your usual rental fee) on the SAME DAY it premiered in the theatres (last Friday 7/7/06), would you have:

  1. Bought the Pirates DVD and not seen it in the theater
  2. Rented the Pirates DVD and not seen it in the theater
  3. Still seen Pirates in the theater
  4. Still seen Pirates in the theater and also bought the DVD
  5. Still seen Pirates in the theater and also rented the DVD

The results were as follows:

  •  7% - Bought the Pirates DVD and not seen it in the theater
  •  4% - Rented the Pirates DVD and not seen it in the theater
  • 38% - Still seen Pirates in the theater
  • 47% - Still seen Pirates in the theater and also bought the DVD
  •  4% - Still seen Pirates in the theater and also rented the DVD

Uniquely, all respondents to the survey were validated as ticket purchasers through the transaction data.

"Pirates illustrates the reliable commitment to moviegoing a consumer has when there is equity between the price and time required to consume a movie in the theater and the value derived," said Adrienne Becker, GM Strategic Development for Nielsen Entertainment. "Even with day and date release, the results of this preliminary study illustrate the potential opportunity to expand revenue rather than cannibalize it, with custom release strategies honed for specific films and their targets."

"When it comes to movie consumption options, Pirates demonstrates that the in-theater, moviegoing experience does not require oversized screens or 3D effects to maintain its unparalleled uniqueness," added Gary Hiller, President of's Market Research Division. "Whereas Pirates' historic box office numbers highlight moviegoers' interest in the film based on exposure to reviews, recommendations or marketing initiatives prior to seeing the film, these post-viewing survey numbers reveal Pirates moviegoers' specific commitment to see the film in the theater, notwithstanding the hypothetical availability of alternate methods of delivery and consumption."

The Movie Advisory Board's Choice Index continues to be developed and will be released weekly. Clients interested in the service can contact Nicholas Covey at 323/817-1958 of Nielsen.

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